External Links

About the UHI effect:

EPA The characteristics and negative impacts of the UHI effect. The main concerns for USA and the mitigation strategies that are being taken.

EPA videos A clear synthesis that helps to describe the UHI effect.

Heat Island Group LBL Research carried out by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

EPICC The EPiCC project seeks to better understand the urban atmosphere in Canada through a programme of observation, modelling and remote sensing.

About mitigation initiatives:

Roofing Comparison Calculator You can estimate how much energy and money can be saved by using white roofs.

Tree Benefits Estimator You can estimate how much benefits can be produced by planting trees.

GreenRoofs.org All about the use of green roofs.

GreenRoofs.comNews related to green roofs.

SynTurf Website about the concerns of using synthetic turf.

Save The Park! - Sauvons Le Parc! Website created to defend Wastmount park against artificial turf.

CRE-Montréal Conseil Regional de l'Environnement de Montréal.

Movimiento de furiosos ciclistas Website created by probably the first group of cyclists in Chile (Spanish only)

Vélo Québec For 40 years Vélo Québec, a non-profit organization, has been a prominent part of the cycling landscape in Québec.

Verdis Toits They promote green roofs in Quebec.

Milton Parc project About this interesting urban project in Montreal.

The World of Bicycles A beautiful web page about one of the most friendly solutions of several urban negative impacts.

About remotely sensed heat islands:

Landsat missions This site is about Landsat satellites and contains a lot of information related to remote sensing of land surface temperatures.

NASAThis site contains information about urban environments and heat islands.

Thermographix Consulting Corporation This sites contains information and video presentations about thermal image technology.